Will do anything for Burger King fries

Ok let me begin by telling you just how downright wrong it is to Have McDonalds, BK… etc. target children with their comercials, That clown, the Logo’s and that $4.00 toy that “comes” in those kids meals.

Every other Friday is our Fast Food day. We normally have either KFC or BK.

My little peanut likes the chicken. Every time he wants Burger King he says HAPPY YO’ WAY. (Have it your way) Its sooo cute but damn those comercials!

My Princess gets a kids meal for the toy even though she refuses to admit this. To her its like openning a box of cracker jacks and looking for the prize even though you know its going to suck ass and you’ll still play with it.

My Angel loves the fries. So much that if I walk into a restaurant with him and they serve fries he will somehow “scan” the place in a matter of seconds and on our way to either sit or be seated he will have already ran over to someones plate, snatched a fry and maybe even have taken a seat.

Now whenever they want to eat inside BK I go through the drive thru and order all of my kids meals and ask them to hold the drinks inside because I am walking in. Yes, I know… it must look really weird, but honestly I don’t give a crap. Now my son is so focused on the fact that I have HIS fries that he doesn’t eat anyone elses. And He gets to play in those “wonderful” in desperate need of being disinfected, purified, and all together germ pitt that should have BIO-HARZARD signs all over the entrance, play equipment.

I’m not ok with my son just going over and picking at someones plate of food, I am working on this. I always try to apologize and remain super polite. My son is 5 years old.

Me: “I am so sorry that he just grabbed your food like that, please let me buy your lunch, replace your fries..

French Fry takeover victim: “no its not a problem, here give him a few while you order”

Shit, I just love people like that, not because they would have gladly and in some cases have gladly given him fries but because they saw no rude intention in my sons actions. There aren’t… He just wants a fry and Mami will deal with the rest. The behavior is unaceptable in society. You don’t just go over and eat off someones plate, Its rude and plain and simple just something “you” don’t do. But get this… My son is different…I am not excusing him, I will teach him, he will learn and so will you.

Autism or Not A CHILD IS A CHILD.

If my son ever hits you up for a fry, No worries, I will gladly replace your fries and offer my most true and humble apology for the invasion. If even after this you remain ticked you off Honestly you’ll just have to deal with that one on your own because it’s not what I want my son doing to begin with but its done… resolved and no need to sweat a damn fry! get over it.