About the 3 most beautiful children in the world

She is my 8 year old going on 28. She is really a Princess, just in case I needed to make that clear. One girl among 2 boys. So helpful, so caring, so spectacular. She has grown into a more mature 8 year old because she has a brother with AUTISM. My baby girl makes me extremely proud to be a mommy, my first born. She is creative, imaginative, unique and I wish there were more words to describe one of my beautiful ones. Dios me la bendiga every day!


He is 6 years old. I see depth in my child that is unknown to others. He doesn’t speak & sometimes will not listen. Not on purpose, he just has a different way of understanding things. He is the purest human being I know & I am honored that I was given the opportunity to meet someone like this. He and I are on a mission, to educate people about his way, to let people know that he is someones son… that he is someones LIFE & that he has AUTISM. He doesn’t need a cure… I don’t want to fix my son I want to fix people!


He is 4 years old. Cute in every way… my smallest child. Asks more questions than I have answers for. Loves to learn and I mean learn about everything, ABC’s, 123’s about animals, the sky, the ground, his life. So tender and so wonderful. I think I am the most blessed woman on the planet to have him. He makes my life beautiful. All my babies do.