Supermarket stops for my Angel

My Angel has a few “behaviors” that make certain things difficult some days. About 6 months ago I went food shopping with my 3 kids, by myself and when I got to the register to pay my son just lost it. He cried, screamed, covered his ears. I conforted him but remained as cool as a cucumber because there is absolutely NOTHING I can do at this point but to pay my bill and run before it gets worse. I don’t get embarrassed I don’t think I ever have, this is my REAL life and I am not going to let my reality embarrass me. The Supermarket Stopped! Dead silence… all eyes on isle 5. I paid, I smiled and left. I don’t say anything, I don’t apologize for my sons behavior. I am very much aware of what my son is doing but he is not a little punk that is having a tantrum because I didn’t get him something. This tantrum may have been brought about over something you and I will never understand. This is My reality. I am there, you are there… Its human reality. Well I have shopped there many, many times and every time I go I meet a new employee that asks if they can help. They have also asked me in many different ways about my son. They offer assistance with everything, they talk to my son, the cashiers will always remember to weigh the apples and hand him the bag. A small fraction of my reality has become theirs, they are kind and I am extremely grateful. The supermarket has carried on and we are now a part of it.

I don’t impose with my son. I know it would be really inconsiderate to take him or any of my children for that matter to certain places but they probably have no need to be there anyway. Everywhere else… I will see you there with my 3 kids and if you hear us please say hi. 😉

AUTISM AWARENESS is a beautiful thing…