It is a new day!

It is a new day. I look forward to the things that will make it a wonderful one. I will greet things and people with joy and I will receive that back. I feel good. Good about myself and my decisions. Things are only getting better from this moment on because nothing is personal. Nothing negative will have anything to do with me. Negativity will only be coming from people that are starved. That is THEIR burden to deal with even if they try hard to make me a part of it.

I choose to smile. To dust myself off if I fall and to continue on with my new day. I choose not to take anything personal because it isn’t.

People will not affect me with their ways.

A new day to stay true to myself and have fun.

Living for the day in the not so average way. Morally for the day, spiritually for the day, clean for the day and at last… a blast of a day.