I love the sound of rain and
the smell of fresh cut grass.
I like the sound of lawn mowers in the morning… makes me feel like I can sleep late.
I like the way candles burn and the way the wax melts in all sorts of interesting shapes.
I do not like supermarkets.
I love Hello Kitty.
I do not like horror movies or simple scary movies.
I love water.
Pepsi is my addiction.
I watch the golden girls on ocassion (yes I find a bunch of women seniors Hysterical).
I do not like cold weather, but I love to play in the snow for a little while.
I like checking my mail box and finding a hand written letter.
My favorite colors are purple and pink (almost any shade of either).
I wear black a lot.
Strawberries are my favorite fruit.
I dance at home to loud music everyday with my kids.
I wear jeans most of the time, (of course if its inapropriate I wont) .
I like tiny shirts with something printed on them.
When it comes to dressing myself I believe less is better (sometimes).
People don’t intimidate me and I dont like it when they try.
I like talking to anyone whom is open for conversation with a total stranger (ME) anywhere… friendly people make my day.
I prefer drinking from a straw rather than straight from a cup.
I put ice in everything I drink, even milk.
I don’t like it when people talk with food in their mouths and don’t even try to cover with their hands.
I love looking at pictures, mine or anyone elses and I have more than I care to count.
I try not to take for granted the little things that people do for me for thats whats really important.
I love having three children, I am in love with all of them.
Sometimes I sit down and just watch each one and what they are doing fascinates me because of how they are doing it, their innocence is beautiful to me and I try not to take that for granted.
I am not as serious as I come across via the internet waves, hehehe
I am not looking to get laid… here or anywhere else.
I can honestly say I don’t envy anyone and have no problems complimenting or giving kudos for something I like or if to me it just rocks.
I love making breakfast for dinner on ocassion.
I like a children’s Cartoon called Miss Spider. Its colorful and it makes me happy when I watch it… is that weird?? lol I dont care.
I love Hershey’s with almonds.
I like good manners
I love pencils all kinds of pencils, not to use but to just have and look at.
I am very proud to be Puerto Rican.
I like chocolate on chocolate oreo cookies.
If I could smell soap all day I would.
I love my curly hair, I like how it looks straight too.
I think confidence kicks ASS!
I am confident but not cocky.
I accept responsibility for my actions.
I am very friendly.
I think there are more good people than bad people.
I love myself!