Handwritten letters

Handwritten Letters... "something good"
I go to my mailbox every day and my kids always ask if there is anything good. I always say “no” and my daughter recently asked me what my definition of finding something “good” in the mailbox would be…

A handwritten letter. That would be something good in the mail, that would be my definition.

I think email is great and being able to share pictures with family and friends is wonderful. I think getting invited to things via internet is pretty good too but a handwritten letter can only be done one way and feels so personal. It feels like the person that wrote it really cares, really loves you, really thinks about you.

I haven’t gotten a handwritten letter in years but I can’t help going to my mailbox every day and feeling like maybe today there will be something “good” in the mail. It’s interesting because although it’s been years and I really can’t think of anyone whether it be a family member or a friend that would write a handwritten letter because I either talk to them or email them, I can’t just stop thinking that today may be the day that “something good” arrives at my mailbox.