One big lump of a Holiday

It’s probably been this way for a long time, I know I’ve noticed it the past couple of years but this year it really got to me.

Christmas on Halloween. Really? I couldn’t walk into a store that sold Halloween things without seeing a Christmas item here and there. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love holidays. All of them. I just happen to think they should be given their own time instead of packing them all together.

Once Halloween stuff was off the shelves and the Thanksgiving stuff was officially out, the Christmas items became more and more and they even had their own isles. This is a little annoying if you ask me. It makes holidays feel like a huge burden instead of what each one is supposed to represent.

I want to be able to take my kids trick-or-treating without thinking about what I have to buy for Thanksgiving dinner. Please, let me eat my turkey without concern about taking out lights, shopping for gifts, and spending more money. Let me please be thankful for what I have instead of worried about how I am going to make the next holiday happen. By the time Christmas gets here I am already exhausted only to start it again the month after.

What’s next? I know… As the Christmas stuff makes the clearance section Valentines and Easter will take its place before the New Year! I think I’m going into a cocoon and taking my kids with me.

I know about preparing but this is ridiculous. How much do I need to prepare to decorate for a holiday that happens every year on the same month? Holidays are so commercialized. That’s really sad. I still celebrate them for what they stand for but setting foot outside my doors and into the world of “lets buy, buy, buy” when people are claiming to be so broke because of “the economy” really stinks.

Oh and this year, people ate their turkey, I’m sure didn’t even do the dishes and ran out because crazy sales were waiting for them to fight over them. Sales so good that people were literally killing each other, pepper spraying each other, assaulting each other. ON A HOLIDAY nevertheless.

Happy NewValSt.PatEastMotherFatherIndepenHalloThanksChristmas Everyone! I will be in my cocoon if you need anything.