Something good in the mail (pertains to “Handwritten letters” blog)

So today I go and check my mailbox expecting the usual, bills, shoppers and other junk mail. To my surprise, delight, and unexpected feeling of total bliss there was a HANDWRITTEN LETTER!

Yes, a beautiful handwritten letter. But not just a letter…
You see, I moved from New York to California 11 years ago leaving behind one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I cried like a child as my car pulled out of her drive way and she stood there crying. It was horrible! We stay in touch, talk on the phone, have visited and even when we are busy with life we know that one call is all it takes to pick up where we left off. We met the most interesting way and have since then been like sisters despite the cross country distance. Let me tell you a little about our friendship…

One day I walked into an office building for an interview. I was greeted by someone that happened to walk by the front desk and so I asked her to point me in the right direction for my interview. She did. She was very polite, seemed very professional and I have to say it… had an awesome (she hates that word, LOL) sense of style.

I interviewed, got the job and didn’t see that person again for some time. It wasn’t until she came back to the company to work at a different position that we realized I was there in the position she left. Her first day back to work we went out for a break together. Yes! It was that quick that we clicked. Since then, about 15 years we have been there for each other through thick and thin. We were even pregnant at the same time, she was 2 months further into the pregnancy. It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way and we enjoyed every minute of it. This is no average friendship.

Now let me tell you about this letter, this “handwritten letter”… I openned my mailbox and in it was a manila folder. I open the folder and in it was a notebook. In this notebook taking up the first two pages was a handwritten letter from my friend. WOW! The notebook is so that we can write to each other and send it back and forth. HOW GREAT IS THAT? I love it!

My immediate thoughts on this were…

This is so deep! I know she loves me but upon reading this letter I felt as if she was so close. I felt so loved! This is so creative of her, this makes me feel like there will always be “something good” in the mail for me or her. This is so personal, so wonderful. When we are old and have these notebooks, we can look back, our children can look back and see our beautiful friendship documented on the pages of notebooks that traveled cross country making a story in the process.


Handwritten letters.


4 thoughts on “Something good in the mail (pertains to “Handwritten letters” blog)

  1. I’m so happy that you blogged this! I want nothing more than to be able to document the good, bad, happy & sad moments that we experience on a day to day basis & look back on them when we get old…er & laugh & cry about them together! We can look back & say “aye nena aqui en el afan de vida y con nuestros libros de recuerdos” (oh girl here in the struggles of life but with our notebooks of memories). I have never had a friend so real, so true, so amazing…so AWESOME (LOL) as you. I am truly blessed! I love you so much my forever friend! “Handwritten letters” are more than something good in the mail! ❤

    • I am very happy to have blogged this. You are my very best friend and even though we are far away… you will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for your beautiful words. I love you very much and you are my forever friend!

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