Why, oh why is it that I can’t seem to learn that my first instinct is usually the one that is going to keep me out of trouble and be what I should have followed in the first place? That little thing called instinct likes to harrass me all the time, only to ignore it quite a bit and end up wishing I didn’t. I don’t know about anybody else but my first instinct is usually the correct one. I am just a little hard headed sometimes and listen to what I force to be my second or third instinct, if there is such a thing.

Last weekend I wasn’t feeling something in particular and all the things around me pointed in the direction of not doing it. I did anyway and boy am I in quite the pickle right now because of it. I know I can’t turn back time but I wish I could. Obviously it wasn’t just that I didn’t listen to my first instinct but more like I made a poor choice and now I have to live with it. Had I listenned to my first instinct though I would not have made the poor choice to begin with.

That’s it! Instinct, I want to tell you that from now on… I will be listenning to you more often. But how do I know it was instinct and not just me thinking it might be? Ugh! I’ll try to listen anyway, it’s got to be much better than not listenning at all.


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