Little girl… What’s the rush?

Pay the bills, go to work, take care of the kids, clean, do the laundry, fix the car, pay the rent, pay the mortgage, meet a deadline, be held accountable for all of your actions…

Yes! Now you are an adult and with that title come a lot of responsibilities. So I ask myself, “what are all these kids in such a rush for?”

I guess I also had my moments where I wanted people to think I was older than I was. It felt good if I could do something the older kids were doing sometimes. Keyword here SOMETIMES. I have a 12-year-old daughter and although I believe she is very age apropriate, what I see around her day-to-day just baffles me. These little girls are constantly trying to do things to look older, to sound older, to be everything but 12-year-old girls. And the way they are dressing!

Note to parents: Allowing your daughter to go to school in cutoff shorts that are not only against school rules but just look so inappropriate IS your responsibility. And what’s up with the shorts that have writing on the butt? “Juicy” “Baby” “Angel” WHATEVER! I don’t think those are apropriate at any age or look good at any age. Why is this child in such desperate need of that type of attention? Ask yourself. Time and place for everything is what I say. When they get older and can take care of themselves, have built up their self-esteem… then go for it but for now… they should not only be 12 but act and look 12. Help them, it’s your job!

Note to public schools: If the length of shorts is established in your handbooks then why oh why are you allowing these girls to continue defying school rules? I see it every day, even now when it’s way too cold for them. I am very aware that if that child is not at school that day you don’t get paid but here’s an idea… hold that child at the office, call the parent and tell them their child is at the office and will be held there until they come to school and bring proper clothing for their child. Just an idea. I know that if I had to be called a few times, I’d get the damn picture. It is PARENT RESPONSIBILITY at this age to make sure the child complies, hold them responsible for it. The child may not know any better but the parent should.

I think these little girls don’t realize that in their efforts to look like something they are not the only thing that shines through is their immaturity. Yes, that’s right IMMATURITY. If they knew better they would just be…

Little girl: You will have plenty of time to act grown because guess what, some day you will be grown and with that, all kinds of grown up responsibilities you will swear you did not bargain for. Enjoy being 12 because it goes by so fast. You are beautiful, unique and just starting. Maturity is not an act, maturity is a way. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, respect yourself so others can do the same for you. Start now so that it becomes a way of life and not just another act. When you try too hard to be something that you are so obviously not, it shows. There is only one YOU. Rock your way, be your way, shine your way.

Am I sounding old? Guess what, I am not so old. I am actually very young and just being my age 😉


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