Political correctness

Happy Holidays? Well that’s just lovely as we have people from every country and every religion. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Now would we? Yet I don’t see any foreign holiday bringing in as much money as the holidays that were already here. Although I am an American because of commonwealth (Associated Free State of Puerto Rico) I celebrated things that are not celebrated here. Three kings for example. We didn’t do Easter with the bunny but here I’ve chosen to have fun with that one while still explaining to my children what it means. I have the choice to celebrate or not. If someone wishes me something I don’t practice, I can always smile and say thanks but I’m not going to march over to the President and make a stink about it.

Every other country has a really strong sense of culture and their practices. USA simply allows us all to still do our own thing but doesn’t have strong cultural practices. To allow the only things celebrated here to become extinct is just a pity. It’s not like I’m going to take myself back to my island because someone says Happy Kwanzaa to me and it’s not a holiday I celebrate. Give me a break!



4 thoughts on “Political correctness

  1. Agreed. Being PC is a game where we all pretend there isn’t a dominant culture. My wife is from the Philippines, where they also do Three Kings and those ex-Spanish-colony/Roman Catholic traditions. They’re cool. I like them. I don’t want what little culture we have watered down even further. đŸ™‚

    • At one of my kids schools they no longer say Thanksgiving break, I think they call it Harvest and instead of Christmas break they say winter break. I came here to California. I still celebrate the Three Kings (funny my kids for the longest time wondered why the camels only stopped at our home). I may not celebrate things the way they are done here but I don’t care if anybody else does and I am certainly not offended. This PC is getting out of hand. I didn’t know the Philippines did Three Kings. Do you have children and if you do, do you celebrate this holiday or has it faded?

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