Walking in someone elses shoes… literally

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to go shopping with her. I really wanted to come along because I enjoy her company but I was not looking to shop. I decided that while she walked around and picked out the things she came looking for, I would look and try on things I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

At every store we went to I headed towards the shoes. I like shoes as much as the next woman but the ones I was looking at were shoes I consider outrageous. Shoes that were either too high, too gaudy, absolutely fun but super tacky. I tried them all on. I always wondered how these women that wear the shoes I was looking at, wore these and actually walked in them without getting injured. Seriously injured as they look like they should come with a warning that reads… “these shoes are only meant to be worn if you will be sitting or standing, preferably leaning on something as walking in them can result in severe injury or death.”

I tried shoes that made me look like I was atleast 6’5. I am 5’10 so that is one of the reasons I knew I would never buy these shoes and I’d be safe to play.

It started off with a black pair that arched my foot to the maximum. I put them on, stood up and started to walk. To my surprise, they were actually super comfortable. I couldn’t believe it. I could run in those things if I had to. Ok, this was getting dangerous because I was actually wondering about places I could use these heels where it would be ok to be atleast 6’5. I couldn’t come up with anything but I did wonder. It didn’t matter how tacky the shoes were off the foot, once on my foot I thought they were the cutest things ever. I must have tried on at least 20 pairs of shoes. I took some pictures just because I couldn’t believe I was wearing shoes that high and that tacky and loving them. Every so often I’d check in with my sister, offer an opinion or two but she knew what she was looking for so she’d often come show me. The great thing about this shopping trip was that she knew exactly where to find me at all times. SHOES! I even got my sister to try on a pair or two. After all, going out shopping with her was the whole point of this. She was loving it too.

It turns out that I wouldn’t buy any of the shoes I tried on but it was interesting to be in someone elses shoes for a change.


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