I hear the voice of a child that does not speak

Although he does not speak, I hear his voice. I don’t hear everything he says because sometimes it is something new, something I’ve never heard before but I will learn about this new thing too. I don’t know everything but I know a lot about him, about my beautiful son.

When I tell you something about him, you need to listen. You don’t get to question me. You don’t get to doubt. You need to listen because I am the closest you will ever get to hearing his voice until he actually speaks.

When I tell you something and you tell me otherwise, I know you are lying and that scares me. It scares me because I’ve listened to him and now you want to tell me otherwise. I am his voice, the voice of the unspoken words. You need to trust me so that I can trust you. I know my son best. Better than anyone ever will because listening to the unspoken word is my life.

When I tell you something you need to trust that I know what I am talking about. You need to be quiet and listen to what I am saying as they are words coming out of the non-verbal child. My child. He is my purpose, my life, my human being, my everything, MY SON. You think you know and I’m not saying you don’t, you just don’t know him the way I do. You need to listen!

I know his likes, I know his dislikes, I may not know them all because he is only 11 and every day brings about something new but… I listen to the unspoken words.

I know some day I will hear them from him but until then I have to listen to the cues, the signs, the gestures and the emotions. I have to listen to the unspoken words and… you need to listen to me for I am the voice of the non-verbal child.


4 thoughts on “I hear the voice of a child that does not speak

  1. This is so beautiful. I used to be an ABA Therapist and those little steps toward communication and the day when a child finally says your name, a verb, an article, a noun… anything. Those were the moments for which we tirelessly worked… but not quite as tirelessly as the parents.

    • Thank you for reading Jessica. I work at it every day. I know I will someday hear his voice. Until them… I just watch carefully. 🙂

    • Thank you Carrie for taking the time to read and your comment. I visited yours and I’m following it now. I didn’t get a chance to read much but I like it and look forward to reading more.

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