I’m not comfortable with jokes

Any time someone/anyone tells me they have a joke for me I can feel my body tense up and my mind starts to race. What if it’s not funny to me? What if it turns out to be a really stupid joke and this person thinks it’s the most hilarious joke ever? What do I say? What if I don’t get it? I have to laugh! It is a joke. But I’m not good at faking a laugh because they already know I have a hard laugh and if it’s not like that they will know it’s not real. I don’t have one of those cute laughs, I have a laugh that can only be described as “she doesn’t give a crap if it’s too loud and not classy” kind of laughs, I guess you can say it’s a hearty laugh. What if the joke totally sucks? Yes, a hundred questions and worries start racing through my mind and even if the joke ends up being funny I have already worried so much that I didn’t enjoy it.

I love going to comedy clubs. They don’t really tell jokes, they tell funny stories and by the time this comedian made it on stage he/she is obviously (hopefully) considered funny. I laugh like a nut. This is the way to describe the way I laugh… it is the laugh that I’m sure the person on stage appreciates hearing because believe me, they can most likely hear it from where they stand.

I enjoy reading them, maybe because nobody is expecting a response and if I laugh it’s because the joke was actually funny and it could stand alone without having anyone deliver it a specific way.

I have never been able to tell jokes either. I worry too. Was it funny only to me? Am I saying it right? Will they get it? You get the point. I can tell stories that crack people up. I know I’m a funny story/anecdote teller.

My youngest son loves telling jokes and I enjoy them because I don’t stress. If they are funny but not where they crack me up I can always just tell him “that was funny” and he is completely satisfied with that outcome. He is 9 though. Sometimes they are even hilarious to me and it may not be the joke itself but more like the way he delivered it.

I love funny people, I just don’t feel comfortable being told jokes. I had to tell somebody so I’m telling all of you. I feel relieved. HA!


10 thoughts on “I’m not comfortable with jokes

  1. Jokes from kids are always the hardest as they usually make no sense. I even wrote a post on this earlier last month. Typically the punch line has nothing to do with the joke. LOL. The only funny part is watching them tell it.

    • Thank you for reading. That is too funny because it is very true. My son tells me lots of knock knock jokes and the way he delivers them is hilarious to me sometimes. Other times the joke is just a little corny and I just tell him it was a little funny and he can deal with that as he is not looking for the response an adult does.

      I have to say that I really like your blog and I really look forward to reading more.

      • Thank you following me as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay away from the knock knock jokes…..

        Like Knock Knock, who’s there, Orange… Orange who… Orange you glad I’m not telling any knock knock jokes…. LOL………

        (Sorry, couldn’t help myself… my warped sense of humor) 😉

  2. I’m a terrible joke listener. My youngest daughter (10) tries to tell complex jokes and mixes up the punch line, and I don’t laugh. I just smirk, which makes her mad. It’s a parental failing. 🙂

    • hahaha! Thats terrible! You don’t even give her a “nice try honey” when she’s done? Too funny. I’m terrible at listening to them and telling them.

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