Whitney Houston~~ Rest in Peace! I will miss you like I really knew you!

At 3:32 I get goose bumps. Those lungs! When I was very pregnant with my first child (my daughter) and this song would come on, I would dance like a maniac. The lyrics didn’t speak to me because at the time I was happily married but the voice and music was incredible to me.

I have NEVER been star struck. EVER!! But I have always loved Whitney Houston. I always enjoyed her music. As a kid I thought she kicked ass. As an adult I thought she really was the shit. Today I found out she died and this is so crazy because I feel like I lost someone I knew. I am so sad. No artist has EVER made me feel this way. I always thought she would be the one to rise above it all. May she rest in peace and be where she deserves to be.