The bald doll/princess request. (My opinion)

I have seen it a few times on Facebook and my daughter actually came home discussing this that other children must have heard from adults… “Disney should make a Princess with no hair and Barbie should have a bald doll so the girls living with Cancer can feel beautiful.”

I told my daughter that I disagree with that as not only is a little girl or boy enduring cancer treatments beautiful but in my eyes they are strong too. I disagree because one thing has nothing to do with the other. Just because there is a Princess with hair doesn’t mean my daughter whom is MY Princess feels any more or less beautiful, smart, well-mannered or spectacular. Those are fake characters — this is real life. I also feel that if that is the case then they would need to make a Princess/Barbie in a wheel chair, one with missing limbs, different weights, every ethnic background, with glasses, one that has to prick her finger to test her blood sugar, one with Down Syndrome, one with Autism, one with Tourette’s, one with every single type of special needs so that ALL girls can feel beautiful. Then the boys should get action figures with their special situation so that they can feel like super heros too. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. The simple fact that a child is one of the most amazing creations makes them beautiful and they should feel that without having “Disney” be the one to look up to for that confidence or self-esteem boost. Disney should not have that much say in our BEAUTIFUL child’s life.

I can see the struggle for both parent and child enduring Cancer and its treatment and I think that all of them should know that because they go through this… no matter what they look like on the outside, they are indeed beautiful, strong, inspirational and I think special doesn’t even begin to describe what I personally think of them. So instead of worrying about Disney and their bald princess or bald Barbie (a doll I actually do not like)… make sure this child knows that fighting this battle makes them HEROS.


4 thoughts on “The bald doll/princess request. (My opinion)

    • Not only the things I mentioned on the blog about then the need of many other dolls/princesses/action figures but… would Disney and Barbie be giving a portion of the sales of these specifics to the cause? I’m not so sure about that. Not to mention that these toys would probably be very expensive as well so not EVERY child would get to feel “beautiful” if that was really the goal. Again it just makes no sense to me.

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