Don’t pick and drive!

Don’t Pick and Drive!

It never fails, when I am the passenger in a car instead of the driver I spot someone doing it. It’s not like I’m not minding my business it’s more like they are making it everyone’s business. I understand if they have an itch or maybe a little thing in there that just can’t wait until they get home but downright digging is disgusting! Yeah I know, it’s my problem if I see them but seriously out a of little consideration DON’T DO IT at a stop light! Sometimes it is funny but sometimes — and by sometimes I mean most of the time, it is revolting.

One day while driving my kids to school, I looked to the left and there it is, a grown man (early twenties) in the passenger seat digging for his life. I wish I would have turned my head immediately because what I witnessed next made my jaw drop, eyes pop and got gag reflexes pumping and ready for action. At first my kids and I thought it was hilarious that he got caught. He immediately noticed that I saw him and so he made sure he swept his Bieber hair as to put a wall between us. Then while still at the light the more I thought about his grown ass just pulling a stunt like that made me start gagging. So badly I had to pull over. False alarm, thank goodness. Come on now! One, he is too old for that! Two, we were at a stop light, why would he make sure the driver didn’t see him but didn’t care about others? Bon Appétit dude!

I think a new law should be implemented. We can’t use phones while driving because the distraction can cause an accident right? Well nose picking and driving can distract others and should be banned too with a hefty fine given to those caught breaking this new law. If they take it further and consume it should be an automatic felony. I think I’m going to start lobbying for this. 😉

I warned you, DON’T PICK AND DRIVE!

Oh and I am going to start working on those adults that blow their noses at restaurant tables like it’s nothing… They should be fined too! Get up a second and go blow elsewhere. Funny it’s usually those that like to act like they have class and money. Hmmm, I’ll take that into consideration when deciding what the fine should be but I’ve already determined one fair thing to do for those that heard you is to pay their check. Look out cause you are next!


5 thoughts on “Don’t pick and drive!

    • If people know they are prone to allergies I think they should keep tissues or napkins in their car and use them to pick away. Seems like a more acceptable way to do it. Don’t you think? 😉

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