Some Nights song by FUN

I’ve heard it a few times on the radio and every time it comes up I have to raise the volume to what others may consider annoying levels and my kids and I just jam. This song makes me happy. The first time I heard it I thought it was a Christian song (I was really wrong because there are words and things said that are not very Christian). All I can say is that the music is awesome to me and the voices go perfect and that I’m not too focused on what they are really singing about. I asked my kids what they thought and my daughter said it makes her think of people jumping on horses and riding off and my Little Peanut said he wants to square dance. hehehe

Sounds a little tribal too, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “Some Nights song by FUN

  1. I find it interesting how individuals interprest music differently. The song is about war and internal conflict, so I imagine it makes you happy because it appeals to your warrior spirit to be strong..your daughter’s interpretation is escape, which is what most soldiers wish they could do facing an uncertain death and Peanut hears the fiddlers so he wants to square dance. Its patriotic in nature and speaks to God,family,country: Our three great loyalties of a great Christian nation…so yes, it is tribal in nature.

    • Wow Brian! I love your comment and your depiction of how we all choose to interpret it! When I hear songs and I look them up on youtube I try to just look for the lyrics or just a still page (like this one) so that the video doesn’t tell me how I should be seeing or interpreting the song. I could hear what he was saying and found myself kind of digging into meaning while posting the song but chose to just enjoy the music and his voice.

      Again Thank you for this very cool comment.

    • After your comment I figured I’d look into the video and try to see what you were saying.

      A little sad and it definitely didn’t make me happy to see the video but thank you for your interpretation as to why it made me happy. I could definitely live with that reason. 🙂

      • Awesome video,,,thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen the video before I replied…I just listened to the lyrics…I guess I was pretty darn close. War is ugly and does’t make me happy either, but we all must call out our warrior spirit to survive this lifetime, be it in war or peacetime. I oftentimes do beacause the human experience is immersed in fighting a “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” Live strong warrior!

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