Music in my heart

I have always been around music. Growing up in my home meant there was music playing very often. It meant that on deep cleaning days which were normally weekends there would be music playing all day long. Later in the evening more music being played either on the record player/turn table or cassette tape. I loved it.

I was born in the mid seventies and so disco played in my home a lot. We listened to a lot of other stuff but Donna Summer and Diana Ross were queens in my home. The Pointer Sisters were also played at home and any time that song “I’m so excited” came on… we were actually excited. My mom would play them and all 5 of her children would take turns stopping whatever it was we were doing to dance with her for a little while then we would go back to whatever chore we were doing. Hmmm thinking back now, I think it was a very smart method to get us all to clean. Play music= give false idea that cleaning is fun! That’s probably why til this day I can’t clean unless I have the music on full blast. I get it done but I am very much aware it is NOT fun.

Back then I remember focusing on bits and pieces of the songs like Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” I never once thought this had anything to do with sex. I remember singing it thinking about food. Pointer Sister’s were really excited and I remember thinking I wanted to be just as excited. Little did I know, once again… they were talking about sex. Donna Summer was telling a cheater that he had her “Upside down” and that she was aware he was a cheater. In the early 80’s the Weather Girls had it “Raining men” and I would try to picture people falling out of the sky which always seemed hilarious to me. Picturing people (men) falling from the sky on their head or ass made for some entertaining thinking. Gloria Gaynor was part of the queens that played at home and her song “I will survive” made me think any woman could survive anything. I remember feeling so happy she had pulled it together and that she didn’t crumble and die.

Later in the 80’s Madonna came along with Michael Jackson, the Police, Annie Lennox, Sade, Boy George and many others that brought a different sound to my home but that it was still cheery and fun music to clean to or just play record after record all day long.

Now 2012 and with 3 children of my own, I keep up with music, enjoy a lot of what’s on today and I’ve made a few songs my personal favorites throughout the decades but somehow I believe my own children will be listening to a lot of the music I was raised with because I still play it at home and they love it too. There is a lot of music that is nice when it comes out, we listen to it but it is not necessarily music we hold close to our hearts. I seriously doubt my daughter will be jammin’ to Kesha’s “Tic Toc” when she has children of her own. I just really don’t see it happening. There are just some songs that will never die.

What music did you grow up with? Do you still listen to it? Why?


7 thoughts on “Music in my heart

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  2. Me too, I {heart} music. I also grew up spending a lot of weekends with music and chores. My mom and my elder sister were the queens of the world when it comes to operating the component or the cassette. We ended up listening to my mom’s favorites like Diana Ross, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and some local artists. My sister listened to all boy bands, rap artists, Mariah Cahrey, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. The same artists actually, only with their latest songs.

    The neighborhood was like a battlefield of loud music with ear-shattering amplifiers blasting from every house. The same thing happens nowadays when I’m in my parents’ house only this time, I don’t complain about cleaning anymore. It has become some sort of tradition and a chance for us to bond specially when we eat together and still listen to music even after tidying things up.

    My experience made me a music lover with a taste for a wide variety of music even including heavy metal rock. I also became OC, always making sure there’s no clutter anywhere in sight. Who said women aren’t influential?

  3. I grew up listening to all generes, save country and western. I enjoy listening to my childhood favorites because it takes me back to a simpler time in life.

  4. I grew up with the same music as you actually, but also my parents listened to a lot of country music. Now, I like every genre I think. I’m even expanding my listening to that of other countries and often find myself liking their older music more than their newer.
    Have a great Sunday!

    • Happy Sunday Scott! 🙂 I was also around a lot of Spanish music (salsa, merengue) and that music was a lot of fun. Now I listen to almost ever genre too. I don’t listen to too much country but I find that some of the most intense and passionate songs come from that genre and I think it’s super cool. I love music and I am open to listen to almost anything that makes me feel good… Any country, any language (I look up translation to know what I am dancing to).

      As always Scott, thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. 🙂

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