Black Friday Mayhem

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope it was great, or at least good.

Black Friday has once again come and gone. Personally I think that is one way to kill the holiday spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I like my kids getting the things they ask for when opening their presents Christmas morning and I like great deals but the chaos, lines and mean-spirited people on Black Friday is not my idea of a bargain. I don’t even know why it’s still called Black Friday when on Thanksgiving people are already wearing their armor and ruthless attitudes to run out and buy stuff.

I did go out Friday evening and enjoyed a few sale items that although may not have been as cheap as they were at the crack of dawn, were still cheaper than most days. I did Black Friday one year, many, many years ago. My kids were still babies and so I went and got everyone in my house a new wardrobe. It was crazy. I ran around from store to store, grabbing things I liked for them and me only to get in a line that was more horrifying than the one at motor vehicle on their busiest day. Since the sale went only for a little while, I ran like a mad woman from store to store but those darn lines held me back. I admit that when I got home and added up everything I had bought I felt like a super star but… it was exhausting and nerve wrecking because people did not have the friendliest attitudes and I was afraid to even look at anyone the wrong way. Never again. I just take advantage of sales here and there for the things I need.

Did you do Black Friday? What great deal did you score? Was this your first time or are you already a BF pro?


6 thoughts on “Black Friday Mayhem

    • I have always enjoyed your writing. I think you were the first person to follow my blog and so I always check on yours to see what’s new. I was saddened my your most recent ones but I love both of your outlooks on the whole situation. I feel like I get to know a little bit about you and your wife as I read… I pray for you guys and in a weird way what I felt when I read your latest post was as if I knew you and your wife personally. Hope all is well.

  1. I’ve always avoided doing it ever since I worked in retail. I just want to avoid all the desperate whackos. I know it’s all in fun for most, but for some.. ugh…
    This year I did cyber Monday lol. For example, Abercrombie had 40% off everything online so I went to the store, tried on the $200 sweater (ridiculous) and went back home and ordered it. Hmm, I guess I should be looking for things for others more than myself… šŸ˜€

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