This week for my Doing something I’ve never done I chose to do Yoga.

For a while I’ve been very curious about Yoga.  I had never been to an actual studio and moved in all kinds of interesting ways in front of other people and that was a little bit of an uncomfortable thought.  I’m thinking about why it is that I want to do Yoga and the first thing that came to mind was…  For me. I want to do something for me.  I love doing things for other people and I do them every day with pleasure and a smile on face but I should love doing nice things for me as well.  This is meant to help my body, my mind and if I allow it… my soul.

February 5, 2014

I found a  place that is offering 10 consecutive days (classes) for $10.00. I think that is a fantastic way to see if I am interested in something like Yoga or if it’s just not for me.  I put on a pair of yoga pants with an open mind headed out to my first class.

Mat rolled out, on my back, legs up and knees towards the chest was the first thing I remember doing.  Wow! Way for me to break into yoga! That made me laugh a little (on the inside) because it was like “woman, get over  your nervousness now!” right off the bat.  I did. I immediately felt very comfortable doing the stretches.  Some were not as easy as others but I did them how I could and that felt great.  It was so peaceful in there.  The instructor was great.  I think I like this.  I am captivated by the idea of becoming more in tune with my body.  This was a Yin class.

February 6, 2014

Running like a mad woman to get to a morning yoga class and without a clue I went into a hot yoga class.  When I walked in I immediately thought that if I stayed there another minute I was going to die. I figured I’d concentrate on the yoga poses that the instructor was telling us to do and on my breathing and forget about the fact that  I was going to leave this place cooked medium well.  My goodness! The heat was intense but it enabled my body to move better. My mind was only focused on breathing and feeling these poses work on specific muscles.  I have never in my life, doing anything, living anywhere including Puerto Rico sweat as much as I did in what turned out to be aBikram Yoga”  class.  The instructor was excellent at one on one help and suggestions for better position.

February 7, 2014

I felt a little sore in the morning but nothing too intense and so I figured I’d do another Yoga class.  This time I did “Vinyasa  The instructors voice was very soothing and the poses were beautiful.  I felt swan like only that I’m sure I didn’t look too swan like to anyone looking at me.   Some stuff was a little awkward for me to do but I loved the idea of being able to do them with ease sometime in the near future.  I took in everything the instructor was saying and allowed myself to feel peace.  Between this yoga and the other two I can honestly say that I’ve worked almost every single muscle in my body and that’s a beautiful thing.


February 8, 2014

Body awareness.  Beautiful thing… only not right now. I can honestly say that every single part of my body is sore.  Everything! I know this is because I haven’t moved some of those muscles in order to give them a good stretch in a while but oh my goodness I’m even sore on the inside.  I’m planning on staying put for today because I fear dropping my ovaries, uterus or intestines somewhere along the way and not be able to pick them up because my legs down to my feet are too sore and so is my back.

I’m taking today and tomorrow to renew and I will go back on Monday.  I love the possibility of doing this without the body putting up this initial fight someday and so I will continue to work towards that. I have a lot of respect for people who practice Yoga as it is a very intense workout that requires an open mind, balance, physical strength and the will to get better at it.   I loved Yoga and it’s definitely for me.

~NAMASTE~       ouch!