Doing something I’ve never done.

I normally don’t make new year resolutions but as 2014 started approaching and there was lots of  “resolution” talk; I started to think about things I would like to do. It was then that I realized that for some time I have been living my life like a hamster on a wheel. I do a lot of the same things every day.  I thought it would be a good idea for me to try doing random things I’ve never done.  I’m not talking reckless or irresponsible things.  I’m not doing this as a challenge with anyone either. I’m talking about things that would bring something good to my life. I’d like to experience things that can provide knowledge, physical and emotional benefit and friendship. Things that make me push myself outside of my comfort zone a little, things that feed the soul…   My flexible goal is to do this once a week.

 I welcome suggestions. Any ideas? I live in Northern California so they need to be things I can do in my area.  I am also looking for little to no cost things to do.

I will document the experience the best I can without holding back much and post the link here as weeks go by.

1. Week of February 2-8, 2014-  Yoga

2. Week of February 9-15 and 16-22, 2014 – Lake Tahoe and San Francisco

3. Week of February 23- March 1st, 2014 –Estate Sale

4. Weeks of March – March all balled up into one blog


10 thoughts on “Doing something I’ve never done.

  1. Go to Meet Up and enter some of your interests and see what groups are around you.

    Maybe learn a new language, and see if there are some conversational groups around.

    Take a college course in something that interests you. Meet people who have a similar interest.

    Also, our country and the world both need a lot of help right now and you can meet plenty of great people who are similarly interested in making the world a better place. Issues like climate change, poverty, returning the country to democracy instead of plutocracy. (Money is speech?! Pay the Supreme Court in speech, then).

  2. What about taking up open water swimming? I live in the UK and am soon getting back into the sea. Finding open water swimming spots on your Californian coastline would be a joy from my point of view!

      • Hi Betty,
        I started a few years ago. I live in a little town about 50 minutes away from London. My body of water is the Thames Estuary. It was autumn when I started and still warm but I swam throughout the winter. Even for charity on one christmas day – it was magnificent, cold, invigorating, delicious – quieted my mind, left me feeling fulfilled and relaxed. I am looking at taking it up again this spring but haven’t been brave enough to step in yet but it’s coming. The water some days looks really inviting! I’m going to have a few front crawl lessons at a club that teaches you how to deal with open water and then I would like to keep it up, even in winter. There are lidos (outdoor swimming pools) in London which I could try but there is nothing better than being out in the space of a big body of water – alone. Its freeing 🙂

        • Wow! That sounds amazing. I love your enthusiasm about it too. You seem very passionate and I love seeing that. I don’t know that I could go swimming while cold. I don’t think I could just go out and swim like that either. How much of this do you do every time you go out?

          • Hi Betty,
            I have to work with the tides on the estuary but definitely two/three times in warmer weather(early mornings are lovely as are the early evenings (when our beaches are quieter) – maybe once a week in winter.

  3. Hey, I just stumbled upon your yoga post, which brought me here – which is fun, since I’m kind of doing a similar “things I haven’t done” challenge myself. Have you ever tried geocaching? It’s just like a treasure hunt, except sooo much more fun. A simple google search will give you all you need to know about it, and it’s something that most kids would find a fun thing as well, if you want to bring them along 🙂

    • Hi Thank you for reading my post. I’m happy you “stumbled” upon it. I have never done geocaching and I just googled it. It seems super interesting. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it a little more and it will most likely be one of my new things I haven’t done. Please stay tuned as maybe you’ll like some of my doings and I will keep up with you for more wonderful ideas.

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