Lake Tahoe and San Francisco

Last week I didn’t really do anything new because I was still breaking myself into Yoga and allowing myself to process this new activity.  I absolutely love it and will continue to do it.

This week (February 17th-21st)  my kids had off from school and I didn’t want to just sit at home.  I thought of perhaps doing a few things local but then I just decided to take them to a few places I had not visited in a while.  I have been to these places before so that is not the “new” but I had always gone with another adult.  This time I figured I’d just pack my trunk, get my kids in the car and go.


 I had told them we would go to play in the snow in February but when February finally arrived I was starting to have second thoughts about driving up the mountain in the snow with 3 kids by myself so I kept putting it off.  Wednesday night I told them we’d be waking up early the next day because I was taking them to Tahoe.  I packed their snow clothes, boots, disks and extra clothes.  My trunk was about to explode.  They went to bed super excited about going on this little adventure.

Driving there was not bad at all.  In fact we were getting closer and closer and I wasn’t seeing snow! I drove all the way to the center of Tahoe (work with me, it felt like the center).  Little bit of snow here and there but nowhere they could slide down a mountain and put those disks to use.  I headed back down the mountain and stopped at a place I had visited before and it was perfect.

When I got there I had my youngest son and my daughter go up the mountain and slide down and my youngest said he felt like he was going to die.  I thought if he felt like that, my middle son would probably panic and that was not why I was there.  If I could’ve brought my two-seater sled then maybe I would have attempted to have him come down with me but I couldn’t fit it in my car.  While my daughter went up and down the mountain a couple of times, we just hung out at the bottom of the mountain playing with snow.

We all had a fantastic time and I took my kids to the snow by myself!m That was very new to me.  I’ve gone to several places with them by myself and driven many hours too but never alone to the snow.  It all worked out beautifully and I felt like I had overcome a little fear.


Friday night we packed the trunk again but this time a little differently because we were headed to San Francisco. Now, I’ve been to SF before with them but again, with another adult.  I was a little scared of the crowds and my goodness, driving on those crazy streets but… again I went for it.

We had a great time.  Ripley’s museum, Rain Forest Café, Exploratorium, The Embarcadero Waterfront, Fisherman’s Wharf and more.  We were there for two days.  While walking around I was a bit nervous, 3 kids, 2 hands, lots of people make for a very nervous mommy.  I held their hands like I was squeezing oranges and had my daughter hold one of my sons’ hands but watched her the entire time we walked where it was crowded.

We had a great time.  I felt a sense of pride and relief at the same time.  Pride because I didn’t need to go with anyone else and relief because it was a little scary but it all turned out great.

What did these things do for me?  Yet again reminded me that although certain things are difficult for me to do by myself with 3 kids and one of them with special needs… determination and the desire to bring smiles to their faces is possible and I can do pretty much anything I set out to do.


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