March all balled up into one blog

The month of March consisted of a few random things that I found a little hard to divide week by week. I did a few things that I had either never done or not done in a long time. March also consisted of a few negative experiences. Things that had never happened to me and so I will share those too.

I participate in an online community that I will not name because I’d like to keep some things to myself in order to fully enjoy the little escape I get from “reality” once in a while when I engage with people I will either most likely never meet or that up until recently had no desire to meet on a one on one level. It’s a clean site… I’m not into anything bizarre and I keep my life decent so that’s not why I’m not telling.

I’ve been there a little over 3 years and I have gone to events where I meet people, chat for a little while but always left it at that. The site has had a couple of new people that I find very interesting and that I have stuff in common with so I decided to invite some of those people for coffee or lunch to meet face to face.

I’m so glad I did. I met a lady that has been through so much and one would never know just based on online posts. Very intelligent, very compassionate and this woman has traveled to places that I could sit and listen to stories about them for hours. She’s lived in several different countries too. When I met her for coffee I also learned that she has a adult daughter in the autism spectrum and a lot of the things she shared were extremely helpful to me because they allow me see why my children might be responding to certain things the way they do.

I had lunch for the first time with one woman that really marches to the beat of her own drummer and she likes it that way. Very blunt, very outgoing, very intelligent and very much into the zodiac signs. She will ask every single person that even starts to talk to her what their sign is. I’m not much into that and I don’t know anything about that other than my own sign which I still don’t know what it’s supposed to mean. It’s interesting to me that she loves it so much and that she can tell a lot about a person based on their sign alone. It’s her thing and I think it’s cool that it is. She is hilarious too and although I’ve known her for such a short time, the conversations we have sometimes make my belly ache because I laugh so much and so hard. I think that is a good “sign” that this is a nice friendship. I’m a cancer… according to her I’m sensitive so… I guess I’ll be all mushy when I say that I’d like this friendship to continue because I’ve never met anyone like her. Right now I think she’d tell me to shut my face. HAHAHA!

I even opened up a little and went out on a couple of dates. Interesting conversations but not quite the men for me (there weren’t that many even though I say “men”). I tried people, I really did, but there are certain things in life that I will just not settle for and so… I didn’t. I wish them well and I’m sure some other lady will settle for what I find unacceptable. Good luck gentlemen. 😉

I volunteered some of my time but I will not disclose where because part of what makes that special is knowing that I’m not doing it for any recognition but that I know I’m helping where help is needed. I’ll definitely continue doing that.

Now on to tell you about 2 negative experiences…

Some dipshit in Acapulco had a ball shopping around with my bank card. They had an actual card! I found out because while trying to pay for my daughter’s eyebrows getting done, my card kept getting declined. I knew I had money in the bank so I was just not understanding what in the world was the problem. When I called the bank telling them where I was and asking why my card was getting declined, I was transferred over to a fraud specialist. At that point I freaked out because I really had no idea why a $13.00 eyebrow job would be considered fraud. Bottom line, I was really confused. They asked me if I was in Acapulco and that’s when I thought they must be confusing me with someone else when I just told them exactly where I was and what I was trying to do. They cancelled my card and had to issue me a new one. The dipshit in Acapulco had a $100. breakfast, rented a car and even put gas in it. I hope she still has diarrhea from that breakfast! The bank gave me back my money within 6 days and replaced my card with a new one but I still felt very violated.

The same week while at a parking lot, I had gotten out of my car but my 3 kids where still inside when a Ford Explorer blocked my car and a man gets out screaming at the top of his lungs and profanity in every other word asking me if I was on EFFIN probation or parole. I thought he was confusing me with someone else. Maybe the dipshit in Acapulco??

Him: I’m an EFFIN cop! Are you on EFFIN parole?! I’m asking you a motherEFFIN question!!!
Me: What?
Him: Don’t give me an EFFIN attitude, I asked you an Effin question! I’m a MOTHEREFFIN cop!!
Me: What? Look I’m just here with my kids. What?
Him: Do you want me to EFFIN arrest you? Tell me are you on probation?!?
Me: No– what are you talking about?
Him: I don’t have to explain my fucking self to you! I am a motherfucking cop!!

All this and he starts to walk towards me. My kids are in the car, I can’t let this man get to any of my doors, he’s going to beat my ass right here in front of my kids. I want to ask for his badge but this crackhead will then really beat my ass and if he is really a cop… darn it, this is one messed up cop that will beat my ass then say I was doing something. I started to walk towards him while turning my phone on to take pictures of him and the truck and I’m snapping away like a maniac. He walks backward, gets in his truck and leaves and I’m still snapping away. THAT’S RIGHT MOTHEREFFER! I GOT YOU AND YOUR TRUCK IN PICTURES! Or so I thought. I get in my car and get out of that spot. I stop somewhere else to look at my evidence before calling the police and to my surprise… they were ALL SELFIES!!! Yeah, I think it’s funny now but I wanted to cry then. Not cute selfies either. I had a look of determination, anger, bravery and constipation in all of them. I called the police, they told me they’d go out and take a look which very clearly translated to me as… “thank you, we’ll sit here, do nothing and you just got verbally, emotionally and mentally abused by a crackhead impersonating a cop. Live with it.” As I was leaving a different area in the parking lot, the truck was coming right back into the parking area and when the man saw me he turned around and left. Obviously he needed to be where I had been standing. I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had the police come to really check out what happened… they would have caught one of their “partners”.

OK… so that was March. What did I get out of March? New friendships, confirmation that I’m fine not dating at all, that the cops aren’t much help when you really need them and that anyone can take it upon themselves to live it up with my money in ways I don’t.

Looking forward to April. 😉