I’m disconnecting, I will not be social… I will be connecting and being social

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had this feeling that a lot of my time spent social networking isn’t actually being social at all. I put my phone down and close my laptop and there goes a bit of what consumes time in my day. Time I could be spending socializing more in real life, with people I love, with people I care about and even with people I don’t know at all but that I’d like to. I want to call people instead of just leaving them a Facebook message, I want to meet up for lunch or dinner with friends I’ve only been keeping up with online…

Any time I hear people talk about the Zombie apocalypse I can’t help but laugh at the fact that it’s not coming… It is already here! When you look around you, what do you see? People on their phones or tablets… chatting with people that aren’t really “there” and not even acknowledging those right in front of them.

So… I will be disconnecting, for a while from social media and reconnecting with real life and those in front of me. I will be logging out of all websites, I will not be deleting them. I plan to stay away completely for a month. After that month I will come back and describe the experience on here. After that month… I am not going to be around as often as I have been on other websites, I really want to enjoy real life for as long as I am here to live it.

I will keep my Instagram (Luna_Nativa) because I can share a bit of everything in one single picture but I will be logging off of every other website I go on. I will also be removing the apps that enable anti-social behavior…

I want to feel free… truly free.