Am I wrong? I don’t want to be right…

While in my car yesterday, my daughter was going through radio stations… this song got my attention and so I asked for it to stay put. It was just starting and I’m not sure if it was that I somehow felt it had a “Sting” sound to it briefly or that it was so mellow, but I was immediately drawn to it. I was trying to listen to the lyrics and caught a little here and there. First time I listen to a song it is a little hard to focus on exactly what it says, on top of that I had my son in the back seat making his humpback whale sounds too. 😉
My Family Speaks Whale

When the song ended I asked my daughter to look it up. She’s excellent at that and 9 out of 10 times can find the name of the song and artist. She found it almost immediately and sent me the link so that I could listen to it when I was ready.

I love it! Their voices make me feel peace and as far as the lyrics go… of course I felt that I could somehow make them mine. About my life… about my life as a single parent, as a parent to a child with severe Autism and how I’m always reaching for things that I can’t see with him. I’m by no means in denial but I will never stop teaching him and looking for progress. I will not stop teaching all of my children the way I do… I will not stop trying to reach for things that I can’t see… YET!

This is the lyrics video as usual. I don’t usually post the actual videos because I like focusing on the words and not what anyone else has chosen to make them mean.