I won’t duck and run cause I’m not built that way!

The name of this song is “Duck and Run” BY: 3 Doors Down
I wanted a video with just the lyrics as not to have a video that made the point I wanted to make deviate.

I have always considered myself a pretty positive person. One that CHOOSES to see the glass as half full. I say “chooses” because it can really go either way and I still want to look at it as half full. Anyone that knows me and I mean really knows me can vouch that I have been through my fair share of things that would make the half empty mentality go off the deep end. Yet I always think anything life throws my way has to have a lesson or something positive come out of it. Sometimes my way is somewhat exhausting I’ll admit. I realize that I’m just doing whatever it takes for me to cope with what I’ve been handed. I have always tried to live without excuses. I have always been as honest as possible with myself and have always been able to hold myself responsible for my actions and whatever I have brought upon myself. I have to tell you though that a lot of the things that have happened in my life have caught me off guard and I can honestly say I did not bring upon myself.

I really like this band. I’ve enjoyed their work since their first CD. I am normally not into this type of music or sound as I find it a little hectic. This band, their music and their lyrics make me feel like a warrior though. HA! This song in particular makes me want to kick ass in life. Makes me feel like someone put my approach to life in a song. “I won’t duck and run cause I’m NOT built that way!” ~~ that is my favorite line.

Listen to it and tell me you don’t feel pretty kick ass yourself. 😉