Retired police officer shoots and kills his son, mistaking him for a burglar

I’m not saying I’m against people owning a REGISTERED gun while having the proper paperwork to own or carry but this is concerning. I have a son the elopes/bolts/wonders. The first thing that came to my mind¬† is, what if some day my son wonders off and goes into someones home?

These idiots weren’t trained to know their target? Especially this guy! He is a retired cop!!

Who goes there? Hands up, I’m armed!

Would have been at least 2 good things to say before shooting. It is very sad he took a life, super sad it was his own son but it could have been anyone (like my son), perhaps without any intention to burglarize the place and just with a mental illness.

Look I watch my son the best way I can. I even sleep on the couch most nights to make sure that even though the door is secured and alarmed that my son doesn’t figure it out and bolt but it could happen. Not saying his concern wasn’t legit but this is just ONE more thing to make me worry.

The day I found my son in the hands of a stranger because they had lost him at school, he had tried to get in the man’s garage and then his car. Granted it was daytime but still… Both things were a bit invasive on my sons part… all without a clue that he was putting himself in a lot of danger. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T GET OVER WHAT THAT TEACHER ALLOWED!!!

YOU LOST MY PRECIOUS SON! I found him in the arms of a stranger!.

Two Years since they lost my son and still… I can't move on..

I have 3 kids, I have to cook, clean, go to the bathroom for goodness sakes so I know there is always an opening for him to bolt but at school he had a 1 on 1!! Here at home it’s a 1 to 3 ratio plus all the things stated above that happen throughout the day.

I am very sorry for this guys loss at his own hands but this is the second time in just a few weeks where a dad kills his own son by mistake because they are quick to shoot thinking they are dealing with burglars.¬† I’m thinking this is something that should be addressed. Had they said any of the two things I mentioned above, perhaps they would have given their sons’ time to identify themselves. In my son’s case or anyone like him… maybe get to see that something is wrong with the person and you just DON’T SHOOT!!