Thank you!

I have been writing in journals for a very long time. Ever since I was little and at the time I called it a diary. It has always been a way to let it all out without worrying that someone, anyone can tell me that I am wrong for thinking a certain way. As an adult it has helped me work through many things. Death, heartbreak, marriage, children, separation, struggles, and much more. Any time I look back I laugh about certain things that used to be a big deal then and now I wish was all I had to worry about. I get the chance to see how much I have grown too. I never imagined that I would be willing to share with family, friends and strangers what I would normally keep to myself. I started here on WordPress in 2009. You will see things dated earlier because I typed up some of the stuff I had in my jounals with the dates I had actually written them and kept it private for a very long time. I still have some blogs here in private, maybe some day I will have the courage to share. I know there has to be somebody else out there that can relate with the things I write…

I have recently become more active with writing and people are responding. I am getting “likes” and comments and quite a bit of private feedback. Thank you! It feels really good to know people are taking the time to read, to comment, to respond (positively or negatively). Since I have only recently started paying a lot of attention to this I don’t know my way around this very well. I don’t know what are “ping backs” or how to privately offer feedback to other bloggers. I just recently clicked that and found a bunch of messages people probably thought I was ignoring.

I really love this though. I really like how I can just be and it is up to the reader if they want to take part in my world or not. I enjoy taking part in what a lot of you have to say and in a way I feel I can relate to so many of you. Even when I can’t relate I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, see the most amazing sites, experience so many things and all because of your blog. So thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by.

To all of my family and friends I’d like to say Thank you. Thank you for reading, for being interested in knowing how it is I see things and for wanting to know what my journey through life looks like from my point of view. Thank you for not judging me but instead offering encouraging words.

Stick around there is a lot more random and real that I need to let out…